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We provide a wide range of gate automation kits to suit both new and existing gates, domestic and commercial. There is security, convenience and ease of opening and closing your gate with a remote control, Smartphone or keypad. They are strong and durable. Automated gates have irreversible geared motors making it difficult for someone to force open the gate. Visitors may use an intercom and or keypad to gain access.

Sliding Gates

• Magnetic Limit Switch
• Lateral Base Plate
• Additional Manual release
• Compact & Weather-proof Housing
• Low Maintenance • Permanent Lubrication 

Swing Gates

 • Long Lasting Durability
• Added Security, each operator features a manual key, lock release that will only operate with a removable key, for added assurance during power outages.

Underground Gate Operators

• Under the gate, set in secrecy, for those who put high end demands on an operator
• Low maintenance
• Mechanical System
• Water Proof motor
• Manual release in the gate arm connector

Articulated Arm Gate Operator

• Specially designed for wide pillars, this operator has an automatic stop and built-in switch
• Symmetrical & Compact design
• Manual release in case of power outage
• Low maintenance 


Design your own Gate style We can provide you with the facility to design your own gate, for any of the above systems

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